Things you were happy you missed before

Despite a complete lack of professionalism, my videos have found their way onto the websites of renowned organizations and teams.

Why is anyone’s guess.

Below, you can discover a sample of the work I have provided in a futile attempt at self-importance.

The Bulgarian International Aviation Festival 2011 was the first foreign airshow to use a promo video made by me as their official advertizing video.

In Belgium, Sanicole has published some of my videos since 2010 but the cooperation has grown far more intensive over time, culminating in the official dvd and online video reports since 2015.

In 2014, 2018 and 2023, I produced all videos for the Belgian Airforce Days at Kleine Brogel with the support of the Kleine Brogel and Sanicole PR offices, including the official DVD in 2014. In addition, I also produced the promo videos and official reports of the Malta International Airshow 2014, 2015 and 2016, Shoreham Airshow and Vervlogen Meetjesland / Ursel Avia since 2014. Festa al Cel in Barcelona also published a promo clip with plenty of video material by yours truly.

Several civilian display acts also use my videos for promotional purposes.

One is Plane Sailing ltd, who operate the impressive Catalina ‘Miss Pickup’ from Duxford.

Probably my most popular video has also been used on both the Ferocious Frankie site and is still on the frontpage of the general Old Flying Machine Company website.

Also from the UK, the legendary Brendan O’Brien has published my video of his performance at the Sanicole Sunset Airshow 2012 on his Youtube channel.
In Belgium, I have produced several videos for Vliegclub Ursel and Formation Team The Victors, which they show in their tents at airshows or at EAC.

In 2015, the same was true for the Belgian Air Force Red Devils.

Some of my footage was used in a Euractiv report on Farnborough 2012, dealing with the issue of aircraft pollution. Euractiv is a non-aviation oriented news website targetting the large Brussels expat community.
In 2011, PlanesTV also used my footage for their annual European Airshows compilation DVD in 2011, 2012 and 2013. You can also see some of it in this video, their traditional annual compilation of highlights. In 2013, I also helped out with the official DVD by PlanesTV of the Sanicole International Airshow. In 2014, I assisted with the official DVD of the Meeting Aérien de Lens by French production company Okeille.

A few military acts have also used my videos on their website, though the websites of the French airforce Alpha Jet solo display, Croatian Krila Oluje and Belgian F-16 solo display are now defunct.

For the European Airshow Council, I also produced the ‘Insider view’ airshow documentary which premiered at the 2018 convention and is available online.

Moreover, I was involved in several virtual airshows during the covid19-period, providing video material for acts such as Wingwalker Danielle, arranging interviews and footage for Aerobility charity and produced the complete International Sanicole Airshow Digital Edition.

I also made the frontpage video for FlightlineUK.