International Sanicole Airshow

17 & 19 September 2010


Each year, the small airfield of aeroclub Sanicole near Leopoldsburg is host to the only remaining civilian airshow in Belgium. The show always boasts an attractive programme with a mix of military and civilian acts from all over Europe and sometimes beyond.


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New for Sanicole this year was the organization of an evening show, a concept which has existed in the USA for quite some time, was supposed to be held at Ursel in 2009 until the show there was postponed for political reasons, and has been seen in the UK at quite a few venues in 2010. This event was kept low key with only a limited number of tickets available in presale, which helped make it an outstanding cosy evening out to watch some superb flying in the sunset. The organization has already stated this concept will surely be continued in the future.



On Sunday, the main event saw the entire showground opened up and more than 30000 people came to see the show in cloudy and exceptionally cold conditions, but at least the weather stayed dry. The food courts with tables and benches, rather than having to eat standing if so preferred, were clearly much appreciated by the public, being used intensively throughout the day, and added to the overall pleasant feeling of visiting a superbly organized event. From arriving on the parking, entering the showground, the hospitality throughout the day to leaving the show in the evening, it is clear that every aspect of the show was very well-organized, without doubt the most effectively organized aviation event in Belgium, no small feat given the multitude of tasks to be done by volunteers!




The display itself saw some outstanding flying, and probably more than one act surprised even hardened enthusiasts with its quality. If you didn’t love the variation in the flying display, you just don’t have a heart for aviation.


Undoubtedly the best Belgian aviation event of the year!