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Blogs are for pussies

This section was created for those of you that have nothing better to do than to read why and how this website was created in the ever-so enjoyable Q&A format.
Czech Air Force Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21 Fishbed Q It looks like you got some redecorating done. Would you like to tell us a bit more about the changes?
A No.
Q Too bad your personality hasn't undergone a similar upgrade. What prompted you to go on an ego-trip by building a website? Were you beaten as a child or something?
A This site was created to help someone at work with a web-project. Since then, it has become much bigger obviously, trying to bring the best airshow action from around Europe to people's computer screens.
Q How did your camera manage to take a picture of itself? My Precious
A It had an out-of-body experience.
Q I'm beginning to see why you're recycling jokes from your old website. At least those are half-funny. Why is the overall design of the site still ever so ugly?
A My parents took away my Fisher Price(TM) too early so I'm not very good with shapes and colours. I think that I have a good shot at becoming the next designer for Belgian public transport paintschemes though.
Royal Navy Bae Sea Harrier Frs.2 Q So their luck has run out. Why did you decide to illustrate that your just as incapable with a video camera as with an ordinary picture camera?
A For someone with limited talent like me, it is difficult to capture the atmosphere of an event in still images. I am therefore trying to convey the ambiance at every show through moving images and sounds. It is certainly worthwhile to watch the videos in high quality, it really makes a difference in viewing pleasure. All music in the videos is properly licensed so there is no copyright infringement. Older reports are divided into chapters, whereas the newest reports are full-length. I have now removed all Flash from the site to make it more useful on mobile devices, as smartphone and tablet users could not navigate around the site until now. If you use Internet Explorer, the html5 in the galleries from 2005 until 2007 only works in IE10.
Q Snnnnnnoooooooooorrrr. Oh, you're finished.
Q Do you also do something useful from time to time perhaps, instead of just mucking about with your camera? Belgian Air Component Lockheed F-16A(M) Fighting Falcons
A After two years helping out at the Wings and Wheels Military History Show held annually at the NATO reserve airfield in Ursel, Belgium, I started helping out to set up a new airshow at Ursel: Ursel Avia Show, but that project unfortunately never got off the ground. I help out various shows and acts with publicity material. You can find out more about that in the portfolio section of this page.
Other than that, I tried to use my powers in ways that vegetarians can also appreciate, such as productive work at a university and writing articles and travel reports that piss off the entire civilized world and some nearby regions of space.
Belgian Air Component Marchetti SF-260 at Beauvechain Q Are there any other sites you would like to recommend?
A Which links would you like to know about?
Q Don't you know it's rude to answer a question with another question?
A I firmly believe in the Socratic method.
Q I can't imagine you having any friends so we can skip that category. Let's keep this limited to aviation-related websites, shall we? I don't have all day.
A Paul Johnson's Flightline UK is a site I would recommend filled with useful information.
Q Nobody's perfect.
A Certainly not me, I'm interviewing myself here.
Q I'm not interested in you, I'm not a nerd. Any other sites?
A For more aviation videos, make sure to check out PlanesTV.
Don't forget to like my Facebook page of course, because not all my videos are published on this website. In fact, videos of Belgian events where I work (Ursel Avia, International Sanicole Airshow and Belgian Air Fore Days), usually my best work, are not shown on this website at all but only on the events' official media channels.

Q Thank you for these suggestions. At least I won't have to come here anymore.
Royal Air Force Bae Hawk T.1
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