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Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary Airshow

Duxford, 4 September 2010

With its important role during the Battle of Britain, an airshow commemorating the 70th anniversary of this historic epic battle at Duxford was guaranteed to be a memorable event. Visitors flocked to the airfield by the thousands. On Saturday, the gates to the parkings had to be closed when they reached maximum capacity and Sunday was almost as successful.

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The flying display had great variation with foreign participation by the Belgian and French air forces, the Royal Air Force and a wealth of classic aircraft which had all kinds of purposes 70 years ago.
The highlight was obviously the tailchase with 16 Spitfires, but the sequence with 4 Hurricanes was also remarkable.

Watch the complete report above (49 minutes)

Without doubt, this was the highlight of Battle of Britain commemorations in 2010, with a typically fast-paced show which offered something for everyone and paid a worthy tribute to the people who fought and often lost their lives in the Battle.

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Report by Chris Janssens

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